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The Crisis Mode Feature

Once you enable this feature, a small slide up will appear at the bottom of your Linktree, with a call to action button asking your visitors to donate.
If a visitor clicks donate, the slide up will move to a full screen widget and they can donate with their credit card.
At any time, the visitor can click the x to close the form and return to your Linktree.
You can turn this feature on and off at any time you like.
We are doing our best to enable you to be able to see how much has been raised from your Linktree. This will be available soon.

About the crisis

In Australia, months of severe drought mean that bushfires have been ravaging the country since September. To date, over 15 million hectares of bush, forest, and parkland have burned, nearly a billion animals are dead, and 24 people have lost their lives, including three volunteer firefighters.

Thousands are currently seeking shelter, forced out of their homes with little time to prep. Air quality has been impacted as far as New Zealand (a four-hour flight from Sydney).

New South Wales has been the worst affected state, with 5 million hectares burned – that’s an area larger than Denmark. Victoria, Queensland and South Australia all have fires burning.

The fires are now creating their own weather systems, with thunderstorms and lightning creating new fires.

Temperatures are set to rise through this week, further fuelling the catastrophic situation. 

Aid is desperately needed.

How Linktree Is Trying To Help

We’re headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria, and have staff in Sydney, NSW, and Brisbane, Queensland. We have friends and family directly impacted by these devastating wildfires. If there is one thing we Australians know how to do, it’s help a mate out. Here’s our plan:

We’ve launched a campaign to raise $1 million AUD. By donating through the new widget that is popping up on Linktrees all over the world, you are directly supporting the following charities on the frontlines of this disaster:

To kickstart the campaign, we’ve donated $5,000 AUD.
Anyone who donates over $100AUD will receive a free three-month PRO subscription (worth $26 AUD) if they’re not already subscribed. 

Please note:

100% of funds raised (after bank fees) will be donated directly to the charities. Linktree will not be withholding any administration fees

Legal / Disclaimer

Linktree is collecting funds via this campaign and remitting directly to each charity listed above, split evenly. 100% of all donations after bank fee's will be sent directly to each charity on Jan 31 and Feb 29 2020. Linktree has submitted an application with consumer affairs victoria to be a licensed fundraiser. For any questions please email

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