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Managing your links

To manage the links on your Linktree, you first need to log-in to your Linktree admin. From there you can create, edit, archive, delete and rearrange your links whenever you please. 

Adding links

To add a link, you need to select the green button that says ‘Add New Link’ and add a URL and title to the nominated fields. Be sure to switch the button in the top right corner to activate your link. If your link is not active, read our article on broken links.

Deleting links

To delete your link, simply select the trash can icon to remove it permanently. 

Archiving links

To archive your link, hit the green button so it switches to grey. This turns your link off and stops it displaying on your Linktree. To turn it back on, simply click the button again. 

Reordering links

To reorder your links simply drag and drop each link by clicking or tapping and dragging the grey area on the left of each link. When you reorder a link it immediately updates on your Linktree profile. 

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