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Helping Linktree Users by contributing to payment processing fees

When you support a Linktree User by paying for a product or service or contributing financially in some other way, you may be presented with an option to help the Linktree user pay their payment processing fees.

The additional amount is calculated from: 
  • The fee the user will be charged by Linktree, depending on their subscription tier The fee the user will be charged by their payment platform provider which can be made up of:
    • The lowest published rate (%) from that payment platform provider any fixed amount per transaction charged by the payment platform provider

Example for a Free Linktree User using Square (lowest %, no fixed fee):


Payment provider fee (e.g. Square)Lowest published transaction fee rate per provider1.9%
Linktree fee (e.g. Free subscription)*
Linktree transaction fee based on subscription tier see here for more on Linktree fees.1.75%*

Payment provider fee % + Linktree fee % = Contribution %



Original Transaction Amount--$100.00
Amount visitor can choose to add to their totalBase transaction amount / (1 - Contribution %) = Optional Contribution amount

$100/(1-3.65%) = $3.79
Total transaction amountBase transaction amount + Contribution amount = Total transaction amount
Fees deducted by Square1.9% x $103.791.9%$1.97
Fees deducted by Linktree*1.75% x $103.791.75%$1.82
TOTAL fees deducted from the total transaction amountFees deducted by Square + Fees deducted by Linktree
TOTAL amount Linktree user receives after fees appliedTotal transaction amount - TOTAL fees deducted from the total transaction amount

*To celebrate the launch of Linktree's Commerce Links, the Linktree platform fee is currently waived.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer support team via this form, or emailing

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