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How to add a Support Me Link

The Support Me Link feature looks like a regular button at first glance, but once your visitors click on it, instead of sending them to another web page, it opens up an input field. You can read more about what the Support Me Link and Commerce Link features are, by going to the support article here

Support Me Link

To set up the Support Me link, follow these instructions: 

  1. Log into your
  2. Click on the lightning bolt icon next to the 'Add New Link' button 
  3. Click on the 'Add "Support Me" Link' option

  4. Go to your Settings
  5. Scroll down to Commerce Integrations 
  6. Click 'Add a Payment Provider' 
    1. Select Square 
    2. Accept the Terms and Conditions 
    3. Click 'Connect my Square account' 
    4. Select your currency 
    5. Click 'Authorise my Square account' (please note: you will need to be logged into your Square account)
  7. Once you authorize your Square account: 
    1. Add a title to your integration 
    2. Choose a location for your payments 
    3. Press 'Save'

Once your Commerce Integration is set up, go back to the 'Links' section in your Admin

  1. Click on the small cog icon on the left of your Support Me Link
  2. Give it a Title
  3. Select a payment provider
  4. Choose the amounts to display
  5. Enter any optional messaging
  6. Your Support Me Link will now be live on your Linktree profile

What happens next?

Once you have set up your Support Me Link,  you will be emailed a payment notification by Square to let you know that you have received a payment. You can also check your Square dashboard to see the payments that you have received. 

If you have any questions, please contact our customer support team via this form, or emailing

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