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How to set up SMS Signup links

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SMS marketing has risen astronomically in the last few years and is now one of the most popular forms of marketing amongst innovative brands today. Linktree wants to encourage this form of engagement with your audience as much as possible so we have created an SMS Signup link for you to do just that! 

The SMS Signup link works a lot like our email integration. Your audience can enter their mobile number on your Linktree, and on submission it will automatically update to your synced Google Spreadsheet.

To add a SMS Signup link, follow the instructions below: 

1. Navigate to the 'Mailing List Integrations' section found in the ‘Settings’ tab of your Admin 

2. Toggle the SMS Signup link to the ‘On’ position (the toggle button will turn green).

Storage Settings

Google Sheets

  1. Next, you will need to authorize your Google Sheets.
  2. Click on the 'Authorize Google Sheets' button and sign into your preferred Google account. 
  3. Add your button copy (the title of your SMS button), the success message (that appears once a user has submitted their number) and a link to your private Google Spreadsheet where you want your numbers saved (as pictured below). 

Please note:

You will need to ensure you are copying the Google Sheets URL from the same Google account you authorized in step 4

Zapier Webhook Trigger

  1. Sign up for a Zapier account here
  2. Once logged in, click 'Make a Zap'
  3. Search and select 'Webhooks by Zapier'
  4. Choose the option 'Catch Hook' and hit continue
  5. Copy the Zap URL
  6. Head to your Linktree admin
  7. In the Setting tab under email or SMS Signup hit the Zapier icon
  8. Paste the URL in 'Custom Webhook URL'
  9. Head back to Zapier and hit continue
  10. Hit 'Test Trigger', if it is unsuccessful repeat Steps 5 through 8
  11. Choose an App & Event you want to automate
    • Send new leads a personal message using Gmail
    • Add a subscriber to Campaign Monitor, Klaviyo or Mailchimp
    • Update your Google Sheets
    • Send updates to your Slack
    • Send Twilio SMS messages

To watch a video guide view here

Adding your Terms and Conditions (optional) 

As an optional step, you can add a link to your Terms and Conditions so your audience is aware when they are signing to your SMS newsletter. To add your Terms and Conditions, click on the toggle button next to the 'Custom T&Cs' section. Once it has turned green, add the website link to your Terms and Conditions in the 'T&Cs URL' section. 

You’re all set!

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