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Enabling extra features

Once you're familiar with adding and reordering links on your Linktree, you might want to consider enabling some of the extra features that come with Linktree PRO. 

What features do you get?

Our PRO package is designed to help you make your content really fly. We've created features which all steer users towards viewing more of your content. They cover a few areas:

  1. Greater design tools so your Linktree represents your brand, be it personal brand or business. 
  2. Deeper analytics so you'll know more about your audience and how your links are performing.
  3. Smart integrations so you can tie-in other platforms you may use, like Mailchimp for newsletter signups. 
  4. Social icons to declutter your social media links from your Linktree - they can sit neatly beneath.
  5. A suite of conversion triggers - things which make your links more appealing and clickable.

Learn more

Discover the PRO features in more depth, with this article.

Some of the first thing PRO users do when they make the switch include:

  • Creating a Priority Link for their most important content - you can make the link pop, wobble or buzz to stand out from the rest. 
  • Restyling their theme - PRO gives you access to more theme presets, as well as custom theme tools so that you can pick the colors, fonts and button styles on your Linktree.
  • Add Social Icons to their Linktree - these clear out the main Linktree, but still help your audience discover you across the different platforms you're on. 

How PRO works

PRO is billed monthly, at $6 USD. You can upgrade to PRO from within the Admin, from the PRO tab. You will need a credit card, and the associated billing address. We'll automatically bill that card monthly, from the date you sign up. 

You can cancel at any time - just go to the Billing tab in admin and select 'Downgrade to Free'. You will no longer be charged. 

When to choose PRO

PRO is a great option for when you're investing your time and effort into creating online. It makes sure the work you do gets discovered and represents your brand in a professional, and engaging way. The scheduling tools mean PRO is an ideal choice if you're busy.

Do I have to be a marketing professional to use PRO?

Absolutely not! Our PRO package is just as intuitive and easy-to-use as Linktree Free. Plus, you get Priority Support with PRO, so we're always here to help you out. 

 Be a PRO

See PRO in action. These 7 accounts are all using PRO.

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