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What is the Views and Clicks chart?

The chart at the very top of the Links tab in your Linktree admin shows your Lifetime Linktree Views. If you're a PRO user, it also shows your Lifetime Clicks along with views and clicks per day, for the past 7 days or the past 28 days. 

What are 'Views' and 'Clicks'?

Views -  A view is every time your Linktree is viewed. This could also be considered as how many times your Linktree link has been clicked.

For example, if 1 visitor lands on your Linktree once,  that is counted as 1 view. If that visitor visits your Linktree another 3 times,  that is another 3 views which now equals 4 views.

If 100 visitors land on your Linktree 2 times, then your views count will be 200.

Clicks -
A click is when a visitor clicks on one of your links. This chart shows the total amount of clicks across all of your links. For example, if a visitor of your Linktree clicks on 3 different links, your clicks count on this chart will show as 3 . (You can see which links were clicked by opening the clicks chart on each of your links)

Please note:

On the views and clicks chart, life time and daily clicks are only visible with a PRO account. 

What is 'CTR'?

CTR stands for Click Through Rate. It is a way to measure the performance of your links, by telling you the percentage of views that resulted in a clicked link.

If your CTR is 52%, then 52% of your views resulted in a click of one of your links.

CTR is calculated by dividing the number of clicks by how many views your profile has received. So if you have received 1,000 clicks and 2,000 views, your CTR would be 50% (1000/2000x100)

CTR on the Clicks and Views Chart

The CTR at the top of the chart, is your lifetime average CTR. That is your total lifetime clicks divided by your total lifetime views. You can aim to drive this number higher over time.

The blue line on the chart, represents your daily CTR. That is your total clicks for that day divided by the total views for that day. This is a great way to measure the performance of your links on a daily basis.

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