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Adding a custom background to your Linktree

This is a PRO feature

You can add pictures and videos as your Linktree background in our PRO subscription

When you add a picture background, you can choose between adding your own image from Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, Dropbox or even a URL from the Internet. Alternatively, you can choose from the thousands of royalty-free photos provided by Unsplash. 

When you add a video background, you can choose from the selection of royalty-free videos provided by Coverr.

Please Note:

Currently, you are unable to upload your own video as a background. If you would like to use a video background, you will need to select a video provided by Coverr.

How to add a picture background: 

1. Click on the ‘Appearance’ tab in your Admin

2. Scroll down to ‘Background’ and click on the 'Image' option

3. You can upload your own image, pick an image from Unsplash or design your image using Canva

Once you have selected an image, it will automatically appear in your Linktree preview screen. 

We recommend using JPEG images with a square ratio (1:1) of 1920x1920 for the best results. 

How to add a video background:

1. Click on the ‘Appearance’ tab in your Admin

2. Scroll down to ‘Background’ and click on the 'Video' option

3. Search for a video background provided by Coverr

If you have any questions, please contact our customer support team via this form, or emailing

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